The adult content creators beginner’s guide for Reddit

When it comes to adult content creators doing promotion the go-to social media you see being used are Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram (when they’re not banning accounts). A lot of people don’t know how much of a gold mine Reddit is for promotion. the thing is Reddit isn’t just some social media where you hop on and start posting. Reddit has a whole different ecosystem. Reddit has thousands of different communities called subreddits and there’s a subreddit for every topic you could imagine, and that’s perfect for content creators because that means it’s a subreddit for every porn niche that you specialize in. Now that I got that out the way I’ll explain how to make the best of Reddit.

Profile Setup

Display Name – When it comes to your username and display name it’s pretty straightforward.

About you –  You get 200 characters to add to your “About you” and you’re also able to add links. You should describe yourself in a cute and fun way and then add your desired links at the bottom. a good example “Enjoying what you’ve seen so far? just imagine what you’re missing on my OF.”

Cover Image –  Use this space either as a way to show off more images, or icons on where else people can find you.

Profile Image –  Standard SM profile image size, converts your image into a circle shape. Don’t add any nude photos, just in case you plan on posting to a non NSFW subreddits

Gaining Karma

You gain karma by receiving upvotes on posts and upvotes on comments. Karma is needed to interact with certain subreddits so besides following subreddits rules this is the most important step.

An easy way to gain fast Karma is by Posting to these Subreddits r/FreeKarma4U, r/Karma4Free, r/KarmaNSFW18r/FreeKarma4Your/SluttyKarma Make sure you read the rules!

Another way you can gain quick karma is by purchasing Karma. it’s quick and easy and will save you a lot of time to get into selling.  you could buy from Upvote And SocialPlug. I use Upvote for posts upvotes because they have a better price and I use Socialplug for comments because Upvote doesn’t offer Comment Karma. (Please keep in mind Reddit Masks Karma. Masking is karma is basically if you get 100 upvotes on your post they’ll show from 70-97 on your account.”


Direct messaging – Like an email, using Reddit’s traditional “send private message” option. You can access this by clicking on the 3 dots at the top left of a user’s profile. You can check these messages via the notifications section by clicking on messages.

Chat – Like a traditional chat app, where you will see the icon of the user and you will get chat requests that you have to accept. You can message users by going to their profile and clicking the “Start chatting” button.

I’d recommend having a few pre-written scripts that explain what your purpose is, as well as responses to commonly asked questions. No matter the message received, it’s important to set the tone.

“Hey, thanks for reaching out babe! I do put lots of time into talking with my admirers but only on Onlyfans. I appreciate you taking the time to message me if you want my link check my bio or let me know so I can send it to you personally”

You can throw in a response to their question too if you’d like. If they respond with a yes for the link and another question, answer it again with the link, and end with “message me on there and we’ll chat further”.

third-party tools that’ll help you

These tools allow you to schedule and plan posts in advance to Reddit, saving you time and keeping your posting consistent. Some of these tools have a feature that auto-responds to messages on Reddit for you, saving you even more time. You can set up pre-written responses with links.

Social Rise – its basic plan allows you 100 posts a month for $7.99 they have larger plans available as you need it. they also offer unlimited auto-responding to messages.

Postpone – its standard membership price is $19 per month. Which allows you up to 250 posts a month, roughly 8 per day. This tier also gives you 250 messages per month.

You don’t need these tools to be successful on Reddit. Be advised each subreddit has different posting limits daily and you should do your research on what the number is for each subreddit, the bots don’t do that, and could lead to you being banned.

Subreddit Insights:

Both of the platforms listed above offers a free subreddit analysis tool, which you can access without signing up. This is beneficial because it shows the most active times on each subreddit and those times are best for you to post.

Posting Content

NSFW subreddits don’t have the feature to post videos so you’ll have to use other resources to post your content on Reddit. To post a video, you will need to convert your video snippet into a GIF. The best way to do this is via Redgifs.

Both of the below platforms are FREE.

Due to recent changes with Reddit, I would highly recommend using a combination of the
two. Stick with redgifs for your video teasers, and use Imgur for images. Then share the
links to the subreddits, rather than sharing images and video files.

What to post

How to figure out what to post – It’s always best to do your research on what type of content is most liked in each subreddit, the best way to do this is by sorting posts by most popular of all time,
past year, past month, and last 24 hours. You can see what angles, poses, or even captions work best in each subreddit.

Onlyfans Promo Groups – Only use these groups for Flash sales posts or special promos. There are 100’s posts daily in these groups so you really need your captions and content to stand out.

More specific Subreddits – There are endless niche-specific subreddits that allow models to post content, The safest way to do this without getting banned is not to try to sell in these groups. your goal is to draw attention to your Reddit profile where your links are by getting as many upvotes and comments as possible ( Thats where Upvote and SocialPlug come in handy). That means in your posts don’t mention links, no sales captions, etc. Just keep it sexy and flirty.

With this onlyfans Specific Subreddit list the rule of thumb is to post in these groups 2-3 times a week at most.

When it Comes to Nich Specific Subreddits Check out this article.

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