Valerica Steele is a perfect fountain on this pools side

Valerica Steele shows off her hot body in sexy lingerie, she teases us with a cute masturbation session until Lucas Frost enters and they start to play hard.

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Now just the Beginning of this video has me sprung. like come on now look at Valerica Steele, she has me mesmerized looking all beautiful and shit. her tatted body, pretty pierced nipples and uniquely colored hair. This girl is a bombshell and I’d do some things just to get to know her. This scene kind of abruptly starts with Lucas Frost showing up. They get straight to action with some kissing and it’s some hot shit, but no where near as sexy as Valerica getting her throat fucked. she has a Throat on her. the way she was gripping Lucas  balls as she was pulling him in for more cock in her throat. Valerica is nothing to play with, the pool just seems like the perfect place for her to get fucked. Lucas turned her into his own personal fountain. this scene is some hot shit i really think you should check it out and find out for yourself.

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