Payton Preslee Drenches her roomate – DRENCHED ROOMMATES

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I Have not Came across a scene funnier than this one yet. this takes me back to the OG scene ” I’m not at the beach, This is a bathtub” with Lisa Ann.

even past all the goofiness in this scene Payton Preslee voluptuous body looks amazing. Watching her masturbate  you could see how well proportioned her body is. i still can’t get past how funny Apollo Banks is the way he just waltz in and the way he just prances off with a smirk to the the bathroom just masturbate, and when you think that’s it. While he jerking his dick Payton walks in for a returned favor. Just a face full of cum. Her reaction afterwards really gets me though the way she just wiggles it off and the both jog to the kitchen. Apollo bends Payton’s thick ass over the table to be surprised by a pink dildo just chilling in her pretty pussy. he slowly pulls it out and it’s nice and creamy. I haven’t came across a video yet with this many surprises. 


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